Frisky Electrocat


Frisky Electrocat has been mostly a side project of love. We released RadioMaestro in 2010 on Apple’s App Store. It sold okay, enough to pay for the Apple dev account, but nothing amazing. Regular jobs have been required to keep the lights on and a roof over our head, and they’ve been fun.

We decided that the state of things has changed and we’ve decided to pull RadioMaestro from sale.

It was not getting as much love as it should have been recently. Badly in need of an update we examined the market and determined the playing field has changed: the use of FM transmitters is down greatly and most people have other means to play their iOS devices audio in their cars. The greatest amount of support requests were for people wanting RadioMaestro to receive FM transmissions from TVs in a gym, something the iPhone cannot do without an additional adapter.

RadioMaestro was an interesting tool and useful for a while, but now we’re on to better things for the future.

Made With Pride In Oakland, California.